Quality Restaurants In Monterey California

Monterey is situated in the southern end of the Montery Bay. It falls in the northern part of the central coast of California. Monterey is an ideal place to visit with several special attractions. The food scene is quite developed in this place with great options of restaurants of different cuisines to choose from. Here are some of the top restaurants in Montenery worth a visit:


This restaurant is a part of the L’Auberge Carmel hotel and can be availed by anyone. The dining experience here is an ultimate one with four or five courses present in the regular menu. The special items you should try here include Dungeness crab with pumpkin seeds and spaghetti squash, dry rib eyed grilled over white charcoal, milk chocolate tart with walnut and pear. There is a special tasting menu where surprise dishes are served. This restaurant also serves the most exotic of wines.

grilled eggplants
grilled eggplants


This ecofriendly restaurant has achieved the green dining certification and cultivated, organic ingredients are utilized. Most of the herbs are grown by the restaurant owner himself and they are incorporated into creative dishes like black squid linguine with sea urchin sauce, creamy duck liver pear pate, smoked venison and many others. A recommended item is the grass fed burger and crab sliders. The French toasts with poached eggs and mushroom is a very popular Sunday brunch item. You can dine in the interiors or in the patio outside.


This restaurant mostly serves Mediterranean and southern French dishes. Osso,                     buco and paella are popular items. The restaurant has stone walls, is decorated with country furniture and has the atmosphere of a European farmhouse. Wine is also available. This is an ideal place to visit for big groups.

Aili restaurant

This restaurant serves exotic Mediterranean dishes with an Afghan touch. The interiors look stylish, artsy and is spacious. The recommended dishes include Moroccan beet salad and apricot chicken, pomegranate eggplant and maush awa and a special soup made of lentils, peas and lamb with yoghurt topping. Homemade pastas and a large variety of vegetarian dishes are available. Chutneys, dips and naan are served as complementary with all items.


Montrio Bistro

Organic products, meats and seafood are used by this restaurant to prepare creative and imaginative dishes which reflect upon the local agriculture of Montenery. The top dishes served here are fire roasted artichokes with Mediterranean relish, and pesto rubbed sirloin with Brussels sprouts, smoked bacon and dates. All sorts of wine are served along with a special cocktail with contain fruits, vegetables and herbs.


Latin and Asian cuisines are served here. Local farm products such as fish and meat are used blended with special sauces. You can try sea scallops with a caper, walnut or raisin relish or the banana walnut bread pudding with honey and ginger ice cream.

There are a lot of choices of restaurants and eateries in Monterey, California. Most of the top restaurants are centrally located, have great service and you are assured of a meal worth remembering.

Hey there! So you have finally decided to go and check out the glorious Monetary situated in the warmth of California? You really have made the right decision for so many reasons. It not only has a good variety of nature and parks to enjoy

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