Amazing Beaches in Monterey

It goes without saying that beaches are the best places to relax. Beaches in Monterey California allure a number of tourists throughout the year. These beaches are sure to reduce your stress and make you feel refreshed again. These beaches render amazing opportunities for recreation, diving, surfing, etc. These beaches are counted to be the best destinations to find rare sea glass and shells.

Here is a list of beaches in Monterey where you can have a memorable vacation:

Mcabee Beach

Nestled in Cannery Row, Mcabee Beach happens to be the tiniest beach within one-quarter of an acre. It has gained high popularity over the years. It is known to be the best destination for Scuba divers. Kids along with their parents are often seen walking barefoot on the sand here. Situated at the foot of Hoffman Avenue on the Cannery Row ocean side, this beach is recognized to be the best place for taking a break from work and enjoy quality time with friends and families.


San Carlos Beach

San Carlos Beach is known for marking the end of Cannery Row. It is situated at the intersection point of Reeside Avenue and Cannery Row. The large parking areas around the ocean are known to be the most popular destination for scuba divers. Families are often seeing wading in the surf during their visit to the beach. You can sit on the park benches and enjoy the enchanting view of Monterey Bay along with whimsical and beautiful landscaped green area.

Del Monte Beach

Del Monte Beach is known to have been named after the historic Del Monte Resort. This beach is situated in the midst of Monterey State Beach. It is known to be a highly renowned beachcombing and surfing destination for locals. You are sure to forget all the hurdles of life and make some lifetime memories during your vacation here. This place is believed to be ideal for families and couples.


Monterey states beach

This beach starts immediately to the Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey. It is known to run a long way to the Seaside. It is one of the most popular beaches which is used on an extensive scale for several outdoor activities. As you visit this beach, you can participate in swimming, surf fishing, kayaking, surfing, here. You can enjoy a wonderful sight of scuba divers here who emerge from the surf at Monterey State Beach. This continues to be one of the most favorite destinations for scuba divers.

Beachcombers have often found several treasures such as sea glass along the strand in this beach. The nature lover is capable of enjoying the tide pools at this beach. Paragliding is one of the most popular activities you can rejoice in the areas near Monterey. This place is also known to be amazing for kite flying. The beautiful sea will let you into the utopian world. A number of people take part in fishing during their visit to Monterey state beach.

If you are planning on spending some quality time with your family, you should plan a trip to Monterey California beaches. Make memories of the lifetime during your visit to the beaches.

Hey there! So you have finally decided to go and check out the glorious Monetary situated in the warmth of California? You really have made the right decision for so many reasons. It not only has a good variety of nature and parks to enjoy

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