Things to Do in Monterey in California

The Montery Bay is of the most beautiful destinations in California. It is featured by captivating natural beauty, diverse wildlife, a charming atmosphere, great beaches, excellent wine and several activities to carry out. You should spend at least four days in Monterey in order to catch the vibe of this place.

Here the different things you can do in Monterey, California:

Visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium

This accounts for being one of the best aquariums in the United States, which focus on conservation and education. It is a place worth visiting and is located on the bay itself. You will get to see seals and sea otters from the windows of the aquarium. There is a sea otter exhibit and a giant kelp forest which reflects on all organisms present in the waters of the Monterey Bay. It is an ideal place to take your children.




Whale watching with Fast Raft

You can avail to an eco tourism company known as Fast Raft which will enable you to observe wildlife present in the bay waters. You will be able to board a fast, small board and take a tour along the water of the bay. You will get to see see whales, dolphins and several other creatures on this tour.

Take a walk along Cannery Row

Cannery Row is one of the top tourism centers of Monterey and you can visit this place for shopping and dining purposes. This is a historical place and in spite of the modern shops you can get glimpses of its past. You can take guided tours through Cannery Row.


Taste local wine

Wine is one of the top attractions in Monterey and you can choose from several bars and bistros. You have the option of tasting from more than 90 types of wine at these bars. You can order a glass, relax and enjoy the view of the beach at beach side bars serving wine.

Monterey State Historic Park

This is a complex which features historic gardens, buildings and walkways spreading over a huge area. The parks and gardens are open all day, but the old buildings have a certain time of entry and you have to avail a guide. You can take a bike ride to Cannery Row from this place.


Kayak in Monterey Bay

You can try kayaking in the Montery Bay, which will give you the chance to get close views of sea wildlife. However, you must not disturb the sea creatures in any way.

Watch seals during breeding season

Sea lions and seals are one  the top attractions of the Monterey Bay. You can watch these creatures sitting on rocks and relaxing on boats in the docks. Spring is the best time for viewing seals and in April you will get to see newborn baby seals all over the beaches of Monterey..

Monterey is an interesting place in California and is an ideal destination if you are looking forward to spend time at the beach, relax and watch over different sea animals.

Hey there! So you have finally decided to go and check out the glorious Monetary situated in the warmth of California? You really have made the right decision for so many reasons. It not only has a good variety of nature and parks to enjoy

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