Shopping Destinations In Monterey

If you are visiting Monterey, California, there are several options of activities and things to do, in your hand. One of the most popular attractions in Monterey is shopping and there are various shopping destinations you can choose from. Shopping is a major part of vacations and Monterey offers you greats places and destinations to shop from.

Monterey Canning Company

This canning enterprise was established a very long time ago. You can shop for different products such as kippers and sardines at this destination. This historical building has several shops of different types and you can shop for different stuff and not just cannery products.

Mackerel  Jack’s Trading Company

This is an amazing store for buying all kinds of fun gifts. You can buy neat gifts and various forms of souvenirs along with some interesting shopping items. The prices are quite affordable and the salesgirls present at the counter are friendly.


Del Monte Shopping Center

This is a great destination where you can watch movies, shop and dine. There are many different restaurants and shopping sites at this venue. You can choose from a variety of dining options such as pies at the California Pizza Kitchen or spicy flavors at the Chipotle Mexican Gill. You can also go for Chinese at the P.F Chang’s Chinese Bistro. You can buy several types of hot and cold food items at the Whole Foods Market. At the Cold Stone Creamery you can splurge of exotic dessert items. There are many convenience stores as well, which you may visit.


This is a very famous outlet which sells chocolates and there are branches all over the world. You can visit the Monterey outlet near Cannery Row area. This is a small outlet, but you will be able to shop for signature chocolate and various other types of chocolates such as assorted chocolates, truffles, chocolate mints, chocolate shakes and much more.


Cannery Row

This is an entire district in Monterey, which aims at shopping, dining and eating. There are assorted shops, stores, hotels, inns, bars, restaurants and chocolate stores all over the area. It can be described as a huge shopping mall. This place became famous on account of a novel by John Steinbeck called Cannery Row,    which was adopted into a movie as well. Previously known as Ocean View Avenue, the name name Cannery Row was given as a tribute to the novel and film. Popularized by the movie and novel, the place became a tourist hotspot with a flurry of hotels, restaurants and shopping plazas opening. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is another attraction of this location. You can shop for various forms of souvenirs at Cannery Row. The options you can choose from includes t shirts, windbreakers, caps, scarves, chocolates, local handicrafts, trinkets, fridge magnets and much more. The prices here are on the higher side, but an ultimate shopping experience is guaranteed.

If you visit Monterey in California, you should think of doing a bit of shopping. There are amazing shopping destinations with unique atmospheres and you can splurge on various items.

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