What can we find in this site about Monterey?

Talking about this site and what the readers can find here is rather self-explanatory. Readers can find almost anything about the Monterey; it can be the sights that need to be visited or even the places that deserve to have you for the food. You can also find information about the upcoming events that will be taking place in the county so that you are able to plan your vacations in collaboration with that. Also you will be able to look upon the top and best things that you can do while you are vacating at Monterey which means the details about all the tourist attractions present there. You can also know about the seasons in which you can visit Monterey with the best suitable weather conditions, etc. The latest happenings and things going on will also be made a part of this site.

How you came across the idea of writing about Monterey? Have you ever gone there or just post what others have told you?

I have visited this beautiful place a number of times in my life and there has not been a single time that I have not enjoyed it. So, I post my own experiences in collaboration with what other tourists express. Even visiting some places again and does not bore me out; going to the same zoo and aquarium, visiting the same museums, or cherishing the numerous outdoor options. They all seem quiet entertaining whenever I had gone there. Other than this, whenever I had visited the place in June, July or August, it just has proved to be worth it. There will be some sports event going on; maybe thrilling racing or bike race, etc. or there will be some art celebration going on or even there can be a music festival being held at some place in the city. In other words these three months have been a great treat for me. As for the vacation experience, whenever I got home from the visit I just felt a good change in my attitude and mood and also a happiness that I just can’t express. There have been many people who visit Monterey but fail to enjoy to the maximum because of the lack of knowledge about the place and sites to visit so I felt it would be better if I can do this!

Why you believe that Monterey is a good place to visit?

First of all, it is a part of California which also is a stand-alone reason but other than that there is so much more in it. It not only has a good variety of nature and parks to enjoy yourselves but also has a lot of sights and landmarks to visit. It also has good number of spots available that open that open up gates for water sports and related activities and to be exact there are roughly 20 such spots. Such cool breezes blow there that you will be amazed by their relaxing and soothing touch. Apart from so much water areas available to have fun; there are numerous other outdoors that further add to the utmost beauty of Monterey.