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What kind of advertising options are available?

Our sales team will work closely with you to create an advertising campaign to meet all of your marketing objectives and produce a result that will exceed your expectations. Options include featured advertising, banners, tiles, category links, sponsorships, newsletters and spotlight articles as well as other customized options.

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Why should I advertise on the Network?

  • Ability to target an affluent niche audience with upscale demographics.
  • A monthly average of over 385,000 visitors looking for wine country travel information and peaking at over 495,000 visitors and 3 million + pageviews.
  • Aggressive marketing through superior search engine optimization, banner campaigns, strategic alliances, paid search engine inclusion, and Pay Per Click campaigns.
  • Ad customization to provide the best possible return on investment
  • Regional channels to further target surfers unique interests
  • Value added marketing opportunities through newsletters, contests, special promotions, targeted email offers, and special offers tied to holidays and events throughout the year.
  • Drive sales through your most profitable channel
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How drives customers to you. markets itself through superior Website optimization, paid search inclusion, banner positions within Yahoo's California destination guide, aggressive and intelligent PPC advertising, localized advertising, national press releases, sell sheets, print ads, event sponsorships, email marketing, and strategic brand positioning. The results are some of the highest click thru rates in the industry and targeted leads with very impressive conversion ratios.

Because of our scale we can devote the resources to driving traffic and refining its quality that is out of reach of most of our customers. This allows our advertisers to focus on running their business and not become consumed with the constantly changing landscape of online marketing, which is a full time job in itself.

Building recognition and increasing traffic to our sites is critical to our success. We consistently look for new ways to market our portals and have staff dedicated full time to developing targeted traffic that converts to customers and measurable revenue for our advertisers. We constantly are comparing the performance of traffic sources and refocusing our marketing efforts to those that result in the greatest benefits to our advertisers.

Who is using the network?

Individually, the network of destination portals has a unique audience with a common interest. Our highly targeted demographic consists of the upscale traveler with an affinity for food and wine as well as an enjoyment of the finer things in life. Our users are experienced and active online. They use all facets of the Internet to explore their interests. Recent Forrester research shows that 80% of those who consider themselves "on-line" use websites to make and book travel plans. By 2003 Internet users will book over 65.5 million leisure trips online, generating $29.5 billion

  • 46% of viewers have a household income of $85,000 or higher - View Chart
  • 59% of viewers are aged 31 to 50-View Chart
  • visitors state their purposes for visiting the Wine Country as (View Chart):
    • Dining—71%
    • Shopping—49%
    • Visiting Spas—39%
    • Wine Tasting—76%
    • Lodging—56%
  • Average visit to Wine Country is 2.5 days
  • Nine out of ten viewers took at least one weekend trip in the last year
  • 64% of viewers drink wine daily
  • How can we help you increase your business?

Drive sales through your most profitable channel?

Advertising on the network drives bookings through your sales channel with the highest net revenue per customer.

By driving Wine Country travelers directly to your website, we facilitate your most profitable transactions.  Compare the net revenue implications of seven online sales channels in the following illustration provided by

You'll see what portion of a $130 room rate your property keeps when selling through each online distribution channel. Notice how it pays for you to drive direct bookings!  The direct customers we deliver drive up to 39% more revenue to your bottom line per room night.


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