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Posted August 2006

Monterey: Getaways for the More Adventurous

The days of scheduling a vacation to just hibernate are over. As we strive for longer, healthier lives our recreation takes on greater importance. While we should still make time for sitting back and knocking off a book or two, getting out, getting fresh air, and stretching those muscles does more than make us feel good – it makes us look good.

The Monterey peninsula has everything a good getaway needs. Perfect scenery, history, amazing miles of coast – some for playing, some just for looking at, wine country and recreation of just about any kind.

For the real man in your group (whether or not their gender is masculine) Monterey offers many adventure getaways, race car driving, off-road Land Rover adventure clinics and a stint at scaling the Pinnacles National Monument (Condors optional). If you need some serious male bonding, now is the time to get your testosterone pumping.

For wantabe Lance Armstrongs, or just those that love the two-wheeled conveyances, biking is best along the Monterey coast line. And easy to do, you don’t even need to bring your own cycling machine, there are plenty of bikes to rent (helmet included, if you need it).

If you are tired of taking a (golf) swing, those looking for Monterey adventure getaways can explore the ocean in a kayak, or in scuba gear. There’s hang-gliding and parachuting along the Bay as well. Or skip the water and head to the hills. Monterey has great trails for hiking, backpacking, horseback riding and off-road biking.

All you need to do to enjoy these adventures is make sure you pack the appropriate exercise clothes, a couple of pairs of socks, and good gym shoes or hiking boots. Don’t forget to bring the bathing suit; even if you don’t plan on a dip in the ocean, there is always the hot tub back at the hotel.

For a list of ideas, check out Monterey Things to Do on

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