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Posted August 2006

Beautiful Coastal Bike Tours

Monterey Adventure Getaways

Picture yourself: wind lightly blowing your hair back out of your eyes, the warm sun on your skin, legs rhythmically turning the pedals on your bicycle as you meander, almost aimlessly, along the stunning Monterey shoreline.

Described as one of the most scenic recreation trails in the State of California, the Monterey Peninsula Recreation Trail is seven miles long and stretches from Seaside on the north to Pacific Grove on the south. From there the bike trail wanders through Del Monte forest to the renowned 17 Mile Drive, where cars drive slow and there is a bike lane.

In Monterey, the Recreation Trail follows the shoreline above Cannery Row and around the marina.  It winds along the coast from the Aquarium to Lover’s Point and then a bike lane picks up along the rocky shores area of Pacific Grove’s coastline. This lane leads you along the shore to one of the entrances of the not-to-be-missed 17-Mile Drive, through Del Monte Forest.

The aged and towering pines of the Del Monte forest will remind you of the area’s history, and as you pass gated estates and Spanish Bay (the world-class golf course and resort) you will be also able to take in a view of the area’s ease and wealth.

Stop for cocktails or lunch at The Lodge at Pebble Beach or Bird and Seal Rock.  Of course, packing a picnic or just snacks is a great way to go, as there are many breathtaking spots for a picnic lunch or photo op.

The path and bike lanes are beginner to intermediate level with only a few hills along the way, depending how far you ride. 

A great place to rent bikes is at Adventures by the Sea. They will fit you for a specialized 24-speed hybrid bike with helmet (highly recommend, but optional for adults) and a lock. Costs are $6.00 an hour, to $24.00 for the full day.

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